What is LACTAID®?

LACTAID® Lactase Enzyme Supplements


LACTAID® tablets and caplets are available in three different strengths: Regular Strength LACTAID® Tablets, Extra Strength LACTAID® Tablets, and LACTAID® Fast Act Caplets and Fast Act Chewable Vanilla Twist Flavour Tablets.


LACTAID® tablets and caplets are perfect for use at home or when you are dining out. Simply take the recommended number of  tablets or caplets just before eating a meal or food that contains lactose. Regular or Extra-Strength LACTAID® Tablets can be swallowed whole or chewed. LACTAID® Fast Act Caplets must be swallowed whole. LACTAID® Fast Act Chewable Tablets are available for individuals who want the on-the-go convenience of a chewable tablet or have difficulty swallowing medications.


LACTAID® tablets and caplets must be taken every time you consume a lactose-containing food because the enzyme only works on the food when you eat it. LACTAID® tablets and caplets have no lasting effect beyond the meal with which they are taken.12 LACTAID® tablets and caplets work to make dairy foods more digestible, giving you the freedom to enjoy the foods you want, when you want.


All LACTAID® products have an excellent safety profile. LACTAID® products can also be given to children, who can take them when they eat dairy foods.


LACTAID® tablets and caplets are available over-the-counter in the pharmacy department of most grocery and drug stores. All LACTAID® tablets and caplets are Kosher certified.


So go ahead. Enjoy dairy again. Just one LACTAID® Fast Act caplet or chewable tablet is often enough to prevent the digestive upset experienced after eating dairy foods. Take LACTAID® Fast Act with your first bite and start enjoying dairy again!


Regular Strength LACTAID® Tablets Extra Strength LACTAID® Tablets LACTAID® Fast Act LACTAID® Fast Act.


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