What is LACTAID®?

LACTAID® Lactase Enzyme Drops


Make milk more digestible. Right in your own home!


LACTAID® Drops are a liquid form of the lactase enzyme that can be used to pre-treat any kind of milk, cream, or liquid dairy product to reduce the lactose content before you drink it.12


You must pre-treat  milk at least 24 hours in advance to allow the lactase to breakdown the lactose into simpler sugars before you drink it. Fifteen drops  will breakdown 99% of the lactose in a litre of milk at refrigerator temperature (about 6ºC) in 24 hours.


Because your body can digest these simple sugars, you can drink LACTAID®-treated milk and avoid the discomfort that can accompany lactose  intolerance. You may notice that your milk tastes a little sweeter after you have treated it with the LACTAID® Drops. That’s because these simple sugars are sweeter tasting to us than lactose.12 Most people do not find the flavour unpleasant.


LACTAID® Drops are available in the  pharmacy department of most grocery and drug stores. LACTAID® Drops are Kosher certified.


So go ahead. Give yourself a milk moustache without worrying about intestinal discomfort.





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